Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Abdul Kalam, never fading with sunset...

After hearing the sad news about passing away of Dr. Abdul Kalam, former Indian President, I really felt we humans lost one beautiful soul forever. I do not know much about him - not so much as to write a biography of him, but the little I know is more than enough for me to honor him as a good man with both a glowing heart and a radiating brain.

He showed us (our bloody politicians) how an intellectual can become a politician and still receive honor and affection by the public. On the other, take our so-called educated people who turned politicians. Before entering politics, he would hold a PHD in law, for instance, but a few years later he would become a double doctor, with a PHD in corruption and political prostitution too.

I have no faith in angels, fairies, messengers, saints, gods, sons of God or the God, but I do have faith in humans with integrity and good intentions. I simply see such a good human in Kalam. Eventually we have to obey and abide by the rules of nature, and so did Kalam - as a man who fulfilled his duties.

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