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How to run multiple instances of the same program

Sometimes you may want to run several copies or versions or instances of the same program on your PC. There are programs that actually let you do this automatically . For example, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Most of web browsers like Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc... let you run multiple instances of the same program. But, there are some programs that do not allow you to run muliple instances on the same machine simultaneously. For example, Skype internet messaging software comes under this category. However, what if you want to run two instances of the Skype program on the same machine at the same time?? Maybe you want to try the same with another singleton program (a program that allows only one copy to run on a machine at a time). OK, there's a simple workaround or trick to do this. Follow the following steps. 1. Create another user account in your Windows XP system (this is workable in other operating systems too.) if there is only one user created