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Be a Hypnotist before Next Week

Having written a book on hypnosis in Sinhala language (my mother tongue) that you can freely read on this website, and having received lots of comments, emails, and phone calls from the general readership for that, I thought of writing a book on hypnosis in English. There are tons of books, both good and bad, on this subject in English, but my way and style of writing is so different, and therefore I honestly think this book will be unique. I always believe as a writer that the text should be simple and factual as much as possible. This English version is not a literal translation of my Sinhala medium book, but rather an adaptation with much rewriting afresh. Though my Sinhala medium book tries to teach hypnosis beyond just basic level, the English version is oriented towards the hobbyist. This book covers all the basics and beyond that any hypnotist - amateur or expert, shall know. The Table of the Contents of the book as shown here will attest the fact that this book is