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Proposal to Reform the United Nations

Proposal to Reform the United Nations     Preamble It is obvious that the current United Nations is not democratic and fair because it is effectively controlled by the five States which have the veto power.   Even to amend it to become a better democratic global institution is impossible because the Security Council stops such process.   This situation must be stopped at any cost. The vast majority of the Member states are deprived of their equitable place and dignity in this present system. Therefore, they must be prepared to be brave and smart enough to re-form a new United Nations, if the existing system is not willing to be reformed in better and democratic way.     1.      A new UN Charter should be adopted based on the current Charter with amendments to include the proposed changes herewith.     2.      The functional and administrative organizational hierarchy should be as follows.   3.      The General Assembly (UNGA) shall be made the apex body of the UN, and all other arms/of