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Let's Learn Sinhalese in English 17 (final)

I will show you the Sinhala alphabet. I recommend learning it too.   Following picture shows the Sinhala vowels . Beside (in front of) each letter is the name of the letter and below each letter is the sound it represents. The first 12 vowels are very important. The following picture shows the consonants of Sinhala alphabet (not in the conventional order and format). I have crossed out some letters which are redundant and useless (I vehemently support removing these pesky letters from the operating alphabet ). Actually you should remember all the letters, but I suggest you to use only the letters that are not crossed out. Sinhala alphabet is phonetic (that is, each letter shall have one dedicated sound only), therefore it is easier to use than English alphabet. Consonant letters cannot be sounded on their own, and you have to use vowels to aid in them to be pronounced. In English, you just place the vowel just after the constant. For example: