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Dark clouds and silver linings

Today I heard about a grand wedding of an Indian tycoon (Ambani's son) from a friend of mine, and he showed me some videos of it too. He said famous and powerful people from around the world have been invited to it, and the cost of the event was going to be several Billions (of Indian Rupees or USD, I don't know). If you think about it, India is a country with a higher population of substandard living conditions. There are innocent and miserable children who are forced to work for a mere subsistence, being deprived of education, health facilities, and food and water. I remember a movie based on a true story in which Akshey Kumar was playing the leading role where he makes sanitary towels (pads) for poor women who could not afford it. In such a country, a single wedding event spends billions of money. What a crappy world we are living! You could imagine how much wealth this family has amassed. On the other, this "mental disease" of exorbitant spending must be highly we

Reality is fractal in fact!

Just yesterday, I "originally" came up with this nice idea and nicer title while I was pondering over reality. I was so quickly heightened to bliss to impel me to write on this, and then was as quickly lowered into gloom the following day which happens to be now when I googled and saw some people have already coined and used the same title. Therefore with a low spirit, I am going to write on what I was thinking of reality in terms of fractals regardless of what other people might have expressed.

We must understand that all the definitions, interpretations, critiques, descriptions, and explanations of every concept, notion, and entity - tangible or intangible, microscopic or macroscopic, in this universe or even the multiverse(s), in forms of religions, so-called myths, science, or whatever are all creations of human mind alone, and nothing else. In short, we are still several light years away from objectivity or objective reality.

Since the time immemorial, from our greatest grandfather to us in the present moment, humans have been trying to understand the reality in every possible way. The religions took the frontline in this battle in the past, and now science or common human knowledge seems to be in the frontline. However much progression and advancement it has shown and promised, still we are as far to the reality as we were decades, centuries, millennia ago.

My belief which I have drowned in ultimately for without any other reliable straw to clutch at, is that we would never ever be able to find the reality. Myriad of great philosophies aside, we will definitely have the finest machines at our disposal, the most complicated and weird-looking mathematical formulas, and the most arcane scientific theories, all trying to make us calmly sail the deep blue sea of unknown, we still be sailing brown waters of truth even after the number of years you may imagine.

As my theme suggests, I now regard the reality as a fractal. Fractal is a mathematical construct/concept. Rather than explaining it with the level of rigidity usually required in maths, I think you can understand it with just a simple picture - of course a picture is worth thousands of words.

So, in short, a fractal is a construct which shows the same overall character/figure/form however much you zoom into the picture. For example, keep the big rough form of the above picture in your mind, and then focus your attention on a branch of it, and you now see the same rough form in there. Then, refocus your attention on a tiny branch of that branch and you will still see the same rough form. Likewise, you can keep zooming in, and it will infinitely be showing the same rough form.

Reality is fractal in that however deep you research and find intersting facts, still you will see no end of it. There's something hidden always, and when you unhide it, there's something more inside hidden - no successful end. It's a fathomless abyss of truth.

Yet, reliable knowledge systems like science may unravel many iterations deep of the fractal of reality. It will for sure keep unravelling as far as the future unthinkable ahead. Sometimes from time to time, it may possibly seem that we have now understood the reality wholly, but that will be only ephemeral. This false understanding has happened even in science some time ago. It may happen again in the future.

Hey guys, reality is fractal, I swear!