A Band Plan for Amateur Radio in Sri Lanka

Because Sri Lanka does not have an explicit band plan for amateur radio (HAM) communication within Sri Lanka, I thought of drafting one based on the latest (model) band plan prepared by the IARU (International Amateur Radio Union) for the ITU/IARU Region 3, where Sri Lanka is situated in.

Each country has the absolute responsibility and authority to decide on the frequencies, upper and lower limits of the ham bands, and the classes of emission allowed in specific bands. Therefore, the band plan presented here is not an exact replica of the IARU's band plan, but an adapted one that conforms both to the regulations in Sri Lanka and to the IARU's model plan.

The following band plan is in high resolution. You may use and print it out for personal purposes, but no alteration thereof is permitted.You can send me your feedback on this.

Note: Due to some mis-presentation of the frequency tables both on the government gazette notification as well as on the TRC website, the previous graphic I had designed was faulty, and was removed therefore. This new graphic attached above is the correct one.


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