The only acceptable means to end these non-stopping people's struggles is to take over the government from the corrupt incumbent rulers by a group of patriotic apolitical intellectuals in the country.

No solution can come out of the Parliament. The 225 MP's are not adept or qualified enough to solve these issues anymore.

We must not find solutions through the current constitution. No amendments to the constitution can bring any good to the country. These political bastards can revoke the good amendmens at a later time just as they did to the 19th amendment.

Amids so many grievances and problems, this is the golden opportunity to bring in socio-political reforms into the country. We can do the SYSTEM CHANGE now. The established political parties and infrastructure can't deliver what the PEOPLE longed for decades.

People's revolutions are legitimate. Revolutions are accepted by the law. So, it's not barbaric, nor illegal, nor substandard. Yes, revolutions are so hard to come and succeed, but we have gone through the hardest part. The only part left is to hand over the power by the corrupt rulers to the people now. We can do it too.

Even the present constitution recognizes that the supremacy and sovereignty lie within the people of the country. If the people demand in unison that the present president and the government must step down, they shall do it. 



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