Legal reforms and homosexuality in Sri Lanka

On the Sunday Observer (May 24), a national state-owned newspaper, there was a huge whole page article by an NGO called the Center for Policy Alternatives (CPA) citing some of their learned observations on legal framework in the country that they think should be reformed.
 o personally think Sri Lanka is one of the countries where law stagnates even though we have a very high democratic representative ratio (that is, the ratio of representatives to the legislature to the population) in the world. (Our representatives would do anything and everything, except making policies and laws for the country that is their primary essential responsibility)
Though, among the observations/recommendation by the CPA was one suggestion to repeal the sections 365 and 365A of the criminal code which is Sri Lanka's main criminal law act to which I vehemently oppose. These sections make such actions like having sex with animals and homosexual activities criminally illegal in the country. This foreign-funded NGO tries to legalize or at least to remove illegal status of bestiality and homosex which must be condemned.

People at large (at least in Sri Lanka) do not allow or like bestiality and homosex. If the legislators publicly try to amend the laws legalizing bestiality and homosex in the country, even a small child knows that it would be the end of those politicians and the government. However, they might do it in secret ways (for example, just repealing a section in the related laws that currently criminalize those), and that's this NGO also advises to do.
And there is more danger here because there are rumors that even the incumbent prime minister and foreign affairs ministers are gays. In such a backdrop, there is a remote possibility of removing those two sections as well.

(I do personally oppose both bestiality and homosex, and would engage in any conversation or debate in public against it. I always say movement that is currently going on in support of homosex is really something a few people run.)


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