So-called copycat pros (crazy for money)

Recently I was informed by an anoymous person that one of my articles (on hypnosis) has been copied and published on another gossip website. First, I must thank that "anon" for his kind action of letting me know this fact. Because it is a violation of Intellectual Property Law (IPL), and he has not been kind or respectable enough to get my prior consent to publish it or put a link to my original post, I contacted and let him know it is wrong. Even a week or so later, still the copy is existing on his site. Then, I again requested him to remove the post, but still no reponse came. So, I decided to report him (first to his host).

Then, I found that he is one Dinesh Udagedara and even got more details about him and the website's technical details. I then contacted the host of his website to report his crooked behaviour. I copy my email to the host below.

 Subject: Your client violates my intellectual properties

I report against domain (most probably with both domains owned by him) which uses your hosting facility for violating my intellectual property. I am a writer who has dedicated my life to enhance knowledge among Sinhala speaking people (people of my country), and I distribute all of my books freely on my web ( I have clearly stated in my copyright notice that any person can use and even print them for personal use, but all other uses of them are prohibited by me, and I have put up a copyright notice in the prominent place on my website. However, this person one Dinesh Udagedara ( who mostly writes on gossip (most of posts are labeled by him as "gossip") seems to be not caring the rights and privacy of others. In fact, I don't care about his behaviour, but I do with regard to my own IP rights.

This particular post on his website that you are the hoster is an exact word-by-word copy of one of my lessons on hypnosis. He has not even mentioned the fact that this is copied from my blog. On the other, he has not obtained my prior consent to publish it. The link to my original post in my blog is You can see the post dates and the fact that it is just one post of 20+ posts on hypnosis on my blog. I have requested him to either insert the link to my blog or remove the post, but he is not responding to me. He keeps writing on his website (that means he surely has seen my request, but just keeps ignoring).

As I know, it is a sheer violation of IP law (local law and international practise). And he violates acceptable use policy of Please take necessary actions, and be kind enough let me know the development. Thank you.

S - TekCroach

NOTE: I publish this mail on my blog too because it is my policy to publish my public correspondence on the Internet.

TekCroach <>

to abuse (@host), dinesh.udageda (@abuser).


UPDATE: Now the copied article has been removed. Great... 


  1. Brainfuck පාඩම් මාලාවක් දාන්න.

    1. daanna honda namak thibila naha wage... :(

    2. assembly වලට වඩා ලේසියි.
      උසස්පෙල තොරතුරු තාක්‍ෂණයට උගන්වන්න හොඳයි.

    3. ඒ වුණාට c හෝ assembly ලඟින්වත් තියන්න බැහැනෙ... අපි සංකීර්ණ පරිගණක ක්‍රමලේඛන භාෂාවන් භාවිතා කරන්නේ ආශාවට නෙමෙයිනෙ... they are kind of necessary evils...මූලික කමාන්ඩ්ස් 8කින් කුමක් කළ හැකිද? කළ හැක්කක් තිබේ නම්, එයද ඉතා සරල කටයුතු වේ. සංකීර්ණ කටයුත්තක් කර ගන්නට ගියොත් සිතාගත නොහැකි තරම් කේත සීක්වන්ස් ලිවීමට සිදු වේ... හරියට ග්‍රැෆිකල් ඉන්ටර්ෆේස් එකක් අතින් ලියන කේතවලින් සකස් කරන්නට හදනවා වගේ... එහෙමත් නැතිනම්, යම් ප්‍රෝග්‍රෑම් එකක් ක්‍රැක් කරන විට (රිවර්ස් ප්‍රෝග්‍රැමිං කරන විට) අපට සිතා ගත නොහැකි විකාර ඇසෙම්බ්ලි කෝඩ් දක්නට ලැබෙන්නා සේ...

      එහෙත් තාක්ෂණික වශයෙන් මෙවැනි ක්‍රමයන්ටද niche එකක් ඇති. ලංකාවේ පාසල්වල නම් මීට යොදා ඇති නම නිසාම උගන්වන්නේ නැති බව නම් සිකුරුය. කුනුහරුපයක් නමකට දාන්න තරම් අශික්ෂිතයන් සිටින බව මෙයින් පෙනේ මෙය නිර්මාණය කරපු එකා මොනතරම් උගත් එකෙකු වුවත්. අප්‍රසාදය පළ කිරීමට අසැබි වචන් තෙපලීමයි සීරියස් වැඩකට අසැබි වදන් යොදා ගැනීමයි අතර ලොකු වෙනසක් මට දැනේ...


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