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Dark clouds and silver linings

Today I heard about a grand wedding of an Indian tycoon (Ambani's son) from a friend of mine, and he showed me some videos of it too. He said famous and powerful people from around the world have been invited to it, and the cost of the event was going to be several Billions (of Indian Rupees or USD, I don't know). If you think about it, India is a country with a higher population of substandard living conditions. There are innocent and miserable children who are forced to work for a mere subsistence, being deprived of education, health facilities, and food and water. I remember a movie based on a true story in which Akshey Kumar was playing the leading role where he makes sanitary towels (pads) for poor women who could not afford it. In such a country, a single wedding event spends billions of money. What a crappy world we are living! You could imagine how much wealth this family has amassed. On the other, this "mental disease" of exorbitant spending must be highly we

How hex numbers pronounced (දහසයේ පාදයේ සංඛ්‍යා උච්ඡාරණය)

When working in such fields as mathematics, computing, electronics, we often find the use of hexadecimal (hex) numbers like 6A, 80D, FF. I assume those who are reading this post are knowledgeable with hex numbers; or at least are aware of it. So, I am not going to dwell on its nitty-gritty here.

Anyway, since I was exposed to hex numbers in school, and then was working with them whilst learning computing, and elctronics, I had not known how to sound or rather pronounce a hex number as we do for normal decimal numbers (eg: decimal number "58" is pronounced as "fifty eight"). We just used to pronounce them ditit by digit (eg: "45A" as "four five ai"). It's obvious sounding a number by its individual digits is very much cumbersome and very hard to remember even.

However, I find that even hex numbers could be pronounced in the same style without any difficulty. There are 3 parts you must keep in mind (this is just my idea, and really don't know whether anyone has suggested this or any other method instead before).

1. Any single-digit hex number can be pronounced like:

0 - zero
1 - one
2 - two
3 - three
4 - four
5 - five
6 - six
7 - seven
8 - eight
9 - nine
A - ai
B - bee
C - see
D - dee
E - ee
F - ef

2. Any number between hex 10 to 1F can be pronounced as follows.

10 - ten
11 - eleven
12 - twelve
13 - thirteen
14 - fourteen
15 - fifteen
16 - sixteen
17 - seventeen
18 - eighteen
19 - nineteen

1A - hexteen (aiteen is discarded to prevent it being misunderstood as eighteen)
1B - beeteen
1C - seeteen
1D - deeteen
1E - eeteen
1F - efteen 

3. Just as every normal decimal digit has a prefix form for numbers in the range 20 and 100, each hex digit also should be given its own prefix form as shown below.

2X - twenty X
3X - thirty X
4X - forty X
5X - fifty X
6X - sixty X
7X - seventy X
8X - eighty X
9X - ninety X
AX - hexty X
BX - beety X
CX - seety X
DX - deety X
EX - eety X
FX - efty X

Using the above rules, now you can easily pronounce any hex number. Following are some examples.

1 - one
B - bee
19 - nineteen
1C - seeteen
25 - twenty five
2A - twenty ai (twenty A)
3B - thirty bee (thirty B)

9C - ninety see (ninety C)
D8 - deety eight
AF - hexty ef
100 - one hundred
130 - one hundred and thirty
15D - one hundred and fifty dee (one hundred and fifty D)
B2E - bee hundred and twenty ee
275E - two thousand seven hundred and fifty ee (two thousand seven hundred and fifty E)
7A62F - seventy ai thousand six hundred and twenty ef (seventy four thousand six hundred and twenty f)
C00,000 - see hundred thousand
B,000,000 - bee million
F,000,000,000 - ef billion
D,000,000,000,000 - dee trillion
A,000,000,000,000,000 - ai quadrillion
C,000,000,000,000,000,000 - see quintillion
E,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 - ee hexillion