How hex numbers pronounced (දහසයේ පාදයේ සංඛ්‍යා උච්ඡාරණය)

When working in such fields as mathematics, computing, electronics, we often find the use of hexadecimal (hex) numbers like 6A, 80D, FF. I assume those who are reading this post are knowledgeable with hex numbers; or at least are aware of it. So, I am not going to dwell on its nitty-gritty here.

Anyway, since I was exposed to hex numbers in school, and then was working with them whilst learning computing, and elctronics, I had not known how to sound or rather pronounce a hex number as we do for normal decimal numbers (eg: decimal number "58" is pronounced as "fifty eight"). We just used to pronounce them ditit by digit (eg: "45A" as "four five ai"). It's obvious sounding a number by its individual digits is very much cumbersome and very hard to remember even.

However, I find that even hex numbers could be pronounced in the same style without any difficulty. There are 3 parts you must keep in mind (this is just my idea, and really don't know whether anyone has suggested this or any other method instead before).

1. Any single-digit hex number can be pronounced like:

0 - zero
1 - one
2 - two
3 - three
4 - four
5 - five
6 - six
7 - seven
8 - eight
9 - nine
A - ai
B - bee
C - see
D - dee
E - ee
F - ef

2. Any number between hex 10 to 1F can be pronounced as follows.

10 - ten
11 - eleven
12 - twelve
13 - thirteen
14 - fourteen
15 - fifteen
16 - sixteen
17 - seventeen
18 - eighteen
19 - nineteen

1A - hexteen (aiteen is discarded to prevent it being misunderstood as eighteen)
1B - beeteen
1C - seeteen
1D - deeteen
1E - eeteen
1F - efteen 

3. Just as every normal decimal digit has a prefix form for numbers in the range 20 and 100, each hex digit also should be given its own prefix form as shown below.

2X - twenty X
3X - thirty X
4X - forty X
5X - fifty X
6X - sixty X
7X - seventy X
8X - eighty X
9X - ninety X
AX - hexty X
BX - beety X
CX - seety X
DX - deety X
EX - eety X
FX - efty X

Using the above rules, now you can easily pronounce any hex number. Following are some examples.

1 - one
B - bee
19 - nineteen
1C - seeteen
25 - twenty five
2A - twenty ai (twenty A)
3B - thirty bee (thirty B)

9C - ninety see (ninety C)
D8 - deety eight
AF - hexty ef
100 - one hundred
130 - one hundred and thirty
15D - one hundred and fifty dee (one hundred and fifty D)
B2E - bee hundred and twenty ee
275E - two thousand seven hundred and fifty ee (two thousand seven hundred and fifty E)
7A62F - seventy ai thousand six hundred and twenty ef (seventy four thousand six hundred and twenty f)
C00,000 - see hundred thousand
B,000,000 - bee million
F,000,000,000 - ef billion
D,000,000,000,000 - dee trillion
A,000,000,000,000,000 - ai quadrillion
C,000,000,000,000,000,000 - see quintillion
E,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 - ee hexillion


  1. after writing this post, I searched on the Internet on this matter. It seems several models have been suggested, but none is standard. However, I found someone has proposed a model ( which is almost the same as my method, so I am definitely not the first, but I call myself an original creator (anyway, my method is slightly different and slightly easier than the above one even).

  2. සිංහලෙන් කියන්නේ
    ABCDE=ඒසුබී දහස් සී සිය ඩීසුඊ කියලද?

    1. හෙක්ස්ටි බී තවුසන්ඩ් සී හන්ඩ්‍රඩ් ඩීටි ඊ

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